Alternative Wedding Photographers Cardiff

If your wedding is more Punk than Pomp, more Cocktails than Fairytales, more Raving than Shaving, more Juxtaposition than Tradition then I may just be your man.

Your day should be remembered and treasured through a set of unique photographs that capture the real events and atmosphere you will create. It’s an occasion special enough to make you want to save it forever. Why settle for manufactured staged photos with robo-poses and scenery that pasteurise originality? Is that really you? Probably not, that’s why you’re here.

If you’re pouring your heart and soul into doing a wedding your way, to tell your story, and it’s important to you both that you have a set of photographs that are naturally captured to document your day without staging things or contrived emotions then we should probably meet up so you can tell me more. 


Alternative Wedding Photographers Cardiff

I’m not a run-of-the-mill wedding photographer, that’s why I may not be the best photographer choice for every wedding.

I openly admit that churches make me feel slightly uncomfortable, unless there’s the promise of a great party afterwards! However, for those people who have taken the time to rethink what is expected from their wedding day, who wish to express their personality, we have fun producing extraordinary photographs.

When I married my childhood sweetheart, Han, we dreamt of a set of photographs that captured the real us: the drummer and the artist, the hipster and the geek, the amazing party we had planned. I strive to work closely with couples to make sure the emotions of the day are captured in a way that presents their story and their relationship as unique.

My inspiration comes from a mis-spent youth studying cassette inlay cards and LP covers, wishing to be as cool as the musicians in the photos. I never could grasp the guitar, or look cool in a studded leather jacket, so I decided to develop my photographic skills and help others look like the rock stars I admired.

At the age of 8 or 9 an uncle gave me a camera as a gift (a Ricoh AF-5 – what a gift!) and around the age of 14 I spotted a Sunday Times supplement special on Martin Parr who had just released ‘Home and Abroad’ and it blew my mind. I stole a copy of the magazine during my round and it roused such a passion on my young, frustrated, artistic mind that I am still influenced to this day with every photo I take.

I worked at a few small businesses around south Wales after completing my degree in Marketing I went and got me a PGCE  from Cardiff University and taught marketing for seven years on CIM courses for several Universities and Colleges, but I was always thinking about photography. 

Today I’m happier than I have every been, happier than anyone I know. I’m able to combine my loves with a passion and work with the best people you could ever meet, sharing their most amazing experiences and making memories with them.

Wedding Photographers South Wales

So you’ve spent months and months planning every individual detail, breaking the mould of those cookie cutter weddings, in order to best express your personalities. Now it’s time to look for a photographer to work with who will understand your vision and capture your wedding in the right way.

Regardless of the kind of photos you want, I think it’s so important that you take your time, meet photographers, get to know them a little. They’re going to be with you throughout your big day and if you don’t feel you can share intimate moments of your life with family and friends openly with them, move onto the next.

If, after all this, you feel I’m your guy then that’s amazing, let’s get to work!

I treat every wedding uniquely. First off I would like to meet with you and hear all your plans, ideas and motivations and so you can ask me any questions you like. That way, we can all be sure that I’m the right photographer for you.

I work in an unobtrusive way, getting to know your closest friends and family beforehand in order to capture the personalities and traits that you’ve grown to love in each other. This enables me to photograph the events as they happen, rarely stopping anyone to pose, smile, wave and say cheese.

Before your big day arrives, we’ll have a relaxed photo shoot where I’ll use coaching techniques I’ve developed over time to make you feel relaxed and look good in photographs. These techniques are similar to those used on Hollywood actors and fashion models to ensure their expressions are natural and real, making a photoshoot an organic experience.

On your wedding day I will be available through to the end of the party. That’s right, I never leave after the speeches or first dance; that’s when the real magic happens. I have developed techniques to photograph dancefloors and parties that capture the atmosphere of the party that you will have created.

Although most of my photography would be described as documentary, there are times, such as group photos and shots of you as a couple, where there will be an element of direction. This doesn’t mean it can’t be fun though; I love it when guests bring their drinks and banter into the photographs.

So if you want something a little different; modern, relaxed and fun drop me a line and tell me a little about your plans and ideas.

Wedding Photographers Cardiff

Wedding Photography you’ll actually like

Ok, let’s face it, wedding photography can be boring as fuck. We’ve all been there, standing around wedding venues with empty champagne glasses while some bossy photographer is shouting ‘smile’ or ‘cheese’ at rows of people.

If you’re engaged and planning a wedding you’ve probably been looking at wedding photography online for quite a while. You may have even visited a wedding fayre (I feel your pain, I went to one once . . . never again!) and you may now be considering either not having a photographer or just letting your friend with a camera take your photos because everything just looks so drab, dull, faded and awkward. That’s probably not you or your style.

But fear not, there are alternative wedding photographers out there that will share in your fun and excitement, not make you feel awkward and capture the real and true moments of your amazing day without making you feel and look like dicks.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some absolutely amazing wedding photographers in Cardiff and across the UK and most are lovely people who make incredible images of weddings.

But if what you’re planning is going to be more of a party than a wedding and you want to be left with a set of candid, often hilarious, photos of all your favorite people enjoying yourselves, and less of just the two of you kissing in a field at sunset it is difficult to find the right person for the job.

My wedding photography clients always comment that I made them feel relaxed, that I threw myself in to enjoying the party and how nobody noticed my presence whilst making images that have made them laugh out loud and cry with pride.

Alternative Wedding Photographers

My Philosophy

My philosophy on having your photo taken is that, whenever you look at that photo in the future, you will always instantly recall the exact emotion you felt the moment it was taken.

This is what makes being an alternative wedding photographer so special for me. Being able to read and understand emotion during special moments and capture it in a camera is a huge privilege.

As a wedding photographer based in Cardiff I am lucky to live near to so many incredible wedding venues including vineyards, manor houses, museums and barns, although the best part of my job is that I get to travel right across the UK to photograph the weddings of some very special people in some extraordinary places. Being an alternative wedding photographer leads me to be able to experience and photograph humanist ceremonies in woodland clearings, romantic marriages on sandy beaches, intimate weddings in yurts and tipis as well as the wildest parties in village halls and barns.

At your wedding I will take the time to chat with as many of your guests as possible and to get to know the people who are special in your life in order to capture them as naturally and candidly as possibly. I have been known to complete the ‘weetabix challenge’ before a wedding and guests will often enjoy my dance floor twerking (if you’re lucky I will demonstrate my slut-drop).

You won’t find me scarpering from your wedding straight after the first dance either – I believe the best photos and most fun is had once all of the formalities are out of the way and there’s no better test of how well I have done my job of getting to know your guests and making them relax around me than joining them on the dance floor for a dance off, which I where I get most of my best photos.

Wedding photography doesn’t have to be boring as fuck. In fact it can be the total opposite. You can still enjoy your amazing wedding day, without getting pissed off at the photographer, and have some incredible photographs of lifelong memories to remember it by

Take your time choosing your wedding photographer. It’s a cliché but when all your planning is done, all your money is spent, it’s the photos of the day you’ll be living with for the rest of your life. It’s more about choosing the right person, someone who will fit in with your friends and family. Someone who knows that what you want is the photos of your friends and family enjoying themselves, drunk and dancing, eating and laughing, the atmosphere you created, the emotion and fun of a day you’ll only get to live once.


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