Together - Beloved Photography by Owen Mathias, Cardiff south Wales Photographer

Beloved Photography: Beautiful images capturing natural love.

No posing, just interaction; you and your partner TOGETHER.

Beloved Photography is a simple idea: When people fall in love there’s a spark, but this gets dissipated over time as the routine of everyday life kicks in. Slowly all those cute little things you loved about your partner turn into annoying habits and you stop communicating and get stuck into this cycle of focusing on all the little details of life. Beloved Photography as a Together session with Owen Mathias Photography will make the perfect Anniversary, Engagement or Valentines gift for your partner.

This is what a Together session with Owen Mathias Photography aims to change. The purpose is to remind you of what really matters, to help you as a couple rediscover why you fell in love in the first place. At the end you get to go home with some beautiful images of yourselves at your most loving which will act as a reminder when life inevitably returns to it’s routines and patterns.

A Together session lasts around two hours. You need comfortable clothes and somewhere secluded where we won’t be disturbed by the goings on of everyday life. Once we start I will keep my distance from you and will give you no direction, just simple prompts known as ‘invites’ that will hopefully bring out that spark in your relationship that has been so important to you.

A Together session* costs £135 and includes a £25 voucher towards prints or a canvas of your favourite photographs. If you’re thinking of buying as a gift, I will send you a voucher in advance.

You’ll also get to keep all your images as JPEG, downloadable from a private area of my site. This will make the perfect anniversary or valentines day gift for your partner. Call me now on 07990 82 81 96 or 02921155268 or Email Me and we’ll set something up!