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Catherine & Al’s Slideshow

Catherine and Al got married!

They started at the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel, which has one of the best staircases I have ever seen and so much fun for Alternative Wedding Photographers London looking for something interesting to photograph. Catherine and Al then held their wedding ceremony at the Chapter Hall of the Order of St John, with furniture dating from the sixteenth century, imposing portraits of British monarchs and Order dignitaries and a superb chandelier from the Farnese Palace in Rome. Then everyone walked the short way to the Peasant Pub which is just about the most stereotypical London pub you could imagine, except their food is amazing and they’re able to cater for 90 guests in their beautiful upstairs function room. We danced late, right into the early hours of the Sunday morning to every song you can ever imagine being played by an amazingly talented pianist on an electric piano.

Winter weddings are always special, everyone is always already in the mood to celebrate and party and fill cosy spaces with an atmosphere that it’s hard to recreate in the summertime. Although the lack of light can often prove difficult for natural light photographers, it’s more fun getting some flash and lighting involved to capture the atmosphere and moments that happen in a way that often looks as good as it did at the time.

This slideshow features some words and comments made during the ceremony and speeches at the wedding that were personal and unique to Catherine and Al’s wedding day and compliment the photos perfectly.

I didn’t do this alone, I was lucky enough to be accompanied by the talented Sara Lejon who was not only the nicest person but also an awesome photographer who worked so hard all day to make some of these amazing images. Thank you Sara x



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