Even though I was pretty ill over the weekend I still managed to have a great laugh at Annaliese and Oli’s wedding in London. They got married in the marvellous Wandsworth Town Hall then had the formal reception at the Battersea Arts Centre and finishing up at the Lavender on Lavender Hill.

The photos are looking amazing, but first up, here’s some fun we had in our makeshift photobooth.

To buy prints from this slideshow visit the album in the clients area here – Annaliese & Oli’s Photobooth (29.03.14) – All the photos will be uploaded today and will be available by 16:00 (my broadband is having a go-slo this morning and their taking ages to upload!)

I have been plotting some exciting photobooth developments over the past few weeks, all of which I will reveal here very soon.

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Battersea Arts Centre Wedding Photographer