Farmers Barn at Rosedew Farm

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Ceremonies at the Farmer's Barn are perfect!
Ceremonies at the Farmer’s Barn are perfect!

Rosedew Farm is one of the best venues in South Wales for Wedding Photographers

Why The Farmer’s Barns at Rosedew Farm is Special

Wedding Photographers in South Wales really get to experience venues from many perspectives. The Farmer’s Barn at Rosedew Farm really is a unique space. From the picturesque surroundings, stone buildings, big bright windows and the rural location near the coast everything is just perfect.

You can ignore the weather forecast for Rosedew Farm as it has its own climate. No rain shower ever lasts more than minutes and you’re almost guaranteed the most epic of sunsets.

You're guaranteed the best day ever at Rosedew Farm
You’re guaranteed the best day ever at Rosedew Farm

The Seasons

Being a working farm each season will give you a unique environment and outlook. From the fresh spring hedges and flowers, mid summer corn and autumn hay. It’s different here from one week to the next.

If you’re planning a gathering for a ceremony, feast or party I haven’t been to a more suitable space. On site accomodation is there for you to get ready nearby . It also allows your closest family and friends to party until they (almost) drop.

The farm is surrounded by some of the best landscapes and scenery in Wales. From the farm itself, to beaches, clifftops, hidden gardens and even urban backdrops if wanted.

Timing your wedding day

Hour by hour the light at Rosedew farm transforms the spaces. Early morning sunrise lights the farmyard. It finds its way into all the accommodation to start your day in the brightest way.

Ceremonies in the Farmer's Barn benefit from beautiful natural sunlight
Ceremonies in the Farmer’s Barn benefit from beautiful natural sunlight

The main barn, with its south-east facing windows catches the best of the light from mid morning to early afternoon. So, in most cases the sunlight will ignite your ceremony. After mid afternoon the Sun it will have past it’s peak before you want to sit in front of them for food and toasts.

After the Ceremony

Ceremonies that take place at the barn will usually require your guests to leave the main room. While the room is laid out for food they’ll be asked to go into the bar or outside . This can take 45 minutes to an hour. It gives you the perfect opportunity to get some time with guests as well as some of the group photos. If you’re hoping to get a photo of every guest together, immediately after the ceremony is usually the best time. You guarantee everyone is present (hopefully) and more compliant.

All the people. So many people.
All the people. So many people.

Your guests will take about 15 minutes to be seated before you will be announced into the room. This is just enough time to grab a few moments alone (with or without your photographer).

Escape to a field while your guests are being seated
Escape to a field while your guests are being seated

The time of year will dictate when is best to escape for some photographs in some of the epic surroundings. In winter it’s maybe best before speeches as sunset can be between 4 and 5pm. In summer this can be later in the evening, before or after your first dance, as sunset can be as late as 10pm.

Golden Hour for Photographs

Photographers always talk about ‘golden hour’. It’s that time just after sunrise and just before sunset. The sunlight has to travel through more atmosphere, deflecting more blue light, and giving you more flattering and dramatic lighting. Check the sunset times and golden hour times with your South Wales Wedding Photographers before deciding when would be best.

Layout of the space

At The Farmer’s Barn you really have every opportunity to layout the room however you want it.

Traditional Round Tables

There are two main areas to the main barn. It’s a tradition for the newlyweds, family and closest friends to sit on the lower level. There you will benefit from the natural light from the windows. Round tables in that space allow you to group people into familiar parties. It breaks up the wedding into smaller groups and can allow you to theme each group.

Round Table Set up in the Farmer's Barn by South Wales Wedding Photographers
Round Table Set up in the Farmer’s Barn

Social Trestle Tables

Trestle Tables are what you’d find at a traditional feast. They allow groups to blur and people to mingle in a more organic way. This may limit the numbers you can fit into each space. If there’s little difference between your social groups this layout can be perfect.

Trestle Table Set up in the Farmer's Barn by South Wales Wedding Photographers
Trestle Table Set up in the Farmer’s Barn

The Top Table

A traditional top table can become a real feature of the room, although in reality anyone can sit anywhere. Most couples choose to continue to use the windows as the feature of the room. Make sure your photographer is comfortable photographing in conditions like this. This could leave you with a set of silhouettes for your wedding photographs.

The Top Table Set up in the Farmer's Barn by South Wales Wedding Photographers
The Top Table Set up in the Farmer’s Barn

Location of Toasts and Speeches

Commonly delivered from the top table. Consider setting up a microphone and PA system just to ensure that the people at the back of the room can hear what’s being said. Many deliver their toasts from the centre of the room. It’s easier to address everybody at once from the top of the steps.

Locations for the best Wedding Photography at Rosedew Farm

A 30 minute escape from the barn with your photographer can allow you to experience some of the most amazing scenery and landscapes that Wales has to offer.

Llantwit Major beach witnesses some incredible colourful sunsets and lets you feel like you’ve really escaped in a short period of time. Everyone loves a beach and this is one of my favourites in Wales.

Following dry weather it’s possible to walk over to the cliff tops which can form a backdrop that few other people have in their wedding photos.

There are many hidden locations around Llantwit Major including incredible Italian gardens and of course agricultural backdrops depending on the time of year. There are about a million South Wales Wedding Photographers for you to choose from. Remember to book the person and not the price or portfolio.

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