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18 August, 2013

How important is your Online Profile Pic?

Whether you are looking for someone on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Linkedin you will undoubtedly be judging people by the first impressions they make, it’s human nature.

Therefore you profile photo is one of the most important elements of you being able to give over the right impression.

If you are trying to give over a professional image, a photo of you cropped from an image at a party just won’t do that. Maybe it’s time you thought about getting some professional shots taken.

At the very least your Linkedin profile photo should be;

  • A photo of yourself – sounds obvious, but I’ve seen photos of cars, dogs and cakes.
  • The photo should be recent – We all looked hotter when we were younger. More hair, thinner etc. but if there is ever a chance you might meet any of your connections face to face, they’ll instantly know you’re someone who lies about their age.
  • You should be the only subject in the photo – You might be proud of your friends and family, but what impression does a group shot give to prospective employers? Needy? Not self reliant?
  • Your face should be in focus – At the very least. Otherwise you look like you’ve photobombed someone elses photo and passing it off as your own.
  • Wear appropriate attire – This can be a business suit or a more relaxed open or even round colar, but PJs and dressing gowns are a big no no!
  • Get some emotion in your photo – Duckfaces and what I call the ‘Facebook stare’ – that blank wide eyed expression you see in selfies and snaps on Facebook just make you look like a zombie. I have seen actors’ head shots with that dull, blank police mugshot expression, and I doubt if they get them much business.

Here’s a few examples of a session I shot with Siobhan in 2013. Awash with casual family photos, we were aiming for a professional look and approachable expressions

Headshots Cardiff

Headshots Cardiff

Headshots Cardiff

Please contact me if you’d like to know more about the process I will work you through to get the perfect profile pic or headshot. I am available for your Headshots Cardiff at my studio or at your work or home using my portable studio.

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